Home Improvement and how it will transform your life

Dated: February 11 2021

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  The foundation of an American Dream

A home's foundation supports all that is placed upon it, right?  That includes You!  Your home shelters you from the elements. It allows your basic living needs to be easily managed.  Home is where you rejuvenate and prepare for the next day.  Some would say, "Home is where the ❤ is."  Translation, a place where you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are.

The Honey Do List

Blue paint brushIf you're the kind of person who is considering purchasing a home that needs some TLC, be advised.  You can make small improvements with very little knowledge in DIY projects or...... transform your home just like they do on tv.  How you go about this will not require a camera crew but, it might help if you invite the neighborhood to pitch in.

Home improvement has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've known.  Every day, I'm reminded of how much my home has changed.  Getting there wasn't easy. 

What did it take?

* Weekends, some evenings and sacrificing vacations.

* Networked with people for solutions.

* Researched product reviews and price points to find the best value for our home. 

* Acquired the right materials for the job.

* Made plenty of mistakes along the way that taught valuable lessons. 

Combined with my wife's keen interior design skills, our dream is now a wonderful place we call HOME

 "Honey Do List."  Perhaps you've heard of this?  Even if a home is in solid shape(however dated) , do you have a plan for getting it up to 21st century standards?  My wife did or so I would learn.  Here's a list of the challenges.  The kitchen had smaller (and fewer) cabinets, no dishwasher and the layout felt cramped.  The bathroom had a tub(no shower) and (stylish for the 60's) pink 4 1/4" tile throughout.  The carpet was also original.  A nice, patterned, green wool variety.  The padding was completely thinned out in the traffic areas.  The fireplace didn't have a door.  Betcha the local electric company was going to be the benefactor of that hole in my house. 

There was an unfinished basement to work with, too.   

Unfinished.  That word haunted me for more than 10 years!  "Oh honey, when are you gonna finish up that (insert either kitchen, bathroom, floor, basement, yard) project?" 

*When you can't afford to pay someone to do the work, you should try to pace yourself with available time and finances. 

Another discovery in these endeavors was that home improvement would challenge our marriage.  Making time for improvements meant taking time away from her.  There were plenty of times that my "tool head" brain thought more about the projects and forgot to prioritize our marriage.  How did we manage?  Patience, perseverance and people.  Hail to the 3 P's!  Who were the people you might ask?  Friends who volunteered their time, relatives that took care of our kids(so I could concentrate on the tasks at hand), neighbors who said, "I've got just the right tool for that job.  Let me come help you."  As stated earlier, it helped our home improvement goals to have neighborhood support.  To all of them, I'm forever grateful!

 How did things turnout? 

In the kitchen, there are tall, deep cabinets(including a pantry with slider shelves) with an open floor plan.  YES, there's a dishwasher!  The microwave over the stove added more practical value, too.  The bathroom upstairs got a shower along with a jetted tub.  The kitchen and bath have tiled floor, the rest of the first level has solid bamboo flooring.  Incidentally, getting rid of the carpet made a huge difference with my allergies!  Oh and the basement?  That's by far the biggest transformation.  The room is split in half, drywall around all sides and ceiling.  One side is a family room.  The other side features a bedroom, full bath and utility room for the laundry.  We have a 6' x 7' bookshelf and an office space.  The entire floor is covered in, yep you guessed it, tile flooring.  There are several closets throughout and even a closed in space under the stairs for storage or hideout for the kids.  But wait, that's not all.  Living here this long gave our family plenty of time to acquire stuff.  STUFF!!!  Americans love stuff and often need a place to put it all.  Sooooo, I built a shed that is nearly the size of a one car garage.  

Be careful what you wish for

Perhaps you will be motivated by a philosophy, "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" That is where a woman likes the "nest" to Look, Feel and Be the environment that suits them personally.  Before purchasing this home, I had no idea of the learning curve that would challenge me in the years to come.  Improving the home seemed like a never ending thing because of limited available time and resources.  

So my friend, Word to the Wise.  While the idea of getting a "Fixer Upper" might sound like a good investment, the price tag might be out of reach based on your choices, resources or your personal 3 P's.  When shopping for your next home, consider that an updated home removes much of the WORK factor out and immediately offers you the kind of value you're family needs.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I was pushed to learn more.  I may have $aved on the updates however, I sacrificed the time away from my family; something I won't be able to get back. 


 So, based on your situation, I hope that you ponder at great lengths when purchasing your first or next home. 

There's always room for improvement, either in your skill sets or the color of the paint on the wall. 

Choose your path wisely.







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